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Sea Salt and Honey Ice Cream



Echo Morgan: Blue and White Porcelain

photos: Jamie Baker

The performance “’Be the Inside of the Vase” was divided into two parts.
The first story began with my dad’s attempt to commit suicide. The performance revealed my uneasy childhood and difficult relationship with my father. I was still and silent whist my voice revealed the narrative using a pre-recorded audio. In the second performance the story moves towards my relationship with my mother. Through a rather brutal personal history I addressed sexually political statements:
From my father: “Women should be like vase, smooth, decorative and empty inside! ” From my mother: “ Don’t be a vase, pretty but empty inside, be the inside, be the quality!” From myself: “This is my voice, my story, my childhood, I am not a vase! .”

Watch the video:

Be the inside of the vase from Echo Morgan on Vimeo.

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Prepping to paint the Eric Argyle set at Son of Semele.

Prepping to paint the Eric Argyle set at Son of Semele.

At Noble Ale Works in Anaheim. Suds, pizzas, camaraderie. Hard to go wrong.

Welcome to OOB, the Old Orange Brewery, in Orange, CA, which is in America, in case you were wondering.

At the OOB (Old Orange Brewery). Beer for brodudes and friends…

What? Hipsters like small batch beer?? Bottle Logic in Anaheim fills a need. …for Science!

Moar Eric Argyle at Son of Semele!

Moar Eric Argyle at Son of Semele!